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I would like to announce that thanks to Yechiel Paricher

In the Parsha Code Removed from KosherJava Zmanim Calendar API article posted two years ago, I documented the removal of the parsha code from the KosherJava Zmanim API due to licensing issues.
I would like to announce that thanks to Yechiel Paricher, the zmanim library now supports a clean LGPL implementation.
Yechiel’s Jan 17, 2019 pull request that was a port of his C libzmanim code, was finally merged on August 22nd, and over the past day, the old formatting code for parshiyos was restored after being changed to work with the new code.
The new code not only restores the old functionality, but adds support for the special parshiyos of Shekalim, Zachor, Parah and Hachodesh.

It also added support for Shabbos Mevorchim and Machar Chodesh



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Re: I would like to announce that thanks to Yechiel Paricher


I would like to announce a new Moderator to the forum.  llrdhsktr Lester has volunteered to become a new Moderator for our forum.  Please give him the support you have given me.  We still have quite a few members to review that joined from the same general area of the world that the spammers joined from.  Lester will be going through that list as well and also performing the daily duties a Moderator performs. 

Lester, thanks for volunteering to become a Moderator and to keep this great site going.




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